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Walking means contact with Earth and Nature. In the “no more time” era, where everything goes on fast, a simple walk or trekking path is the simplest way of recovering time and discovering the pleasure of slow movement, taking advantage of what is around us but always slips away.
Palaia’s territory is made of typical aspects of the rural Tuscan landscape: sweet hills and secular woods, cypresses sequences and camps worked by the man showed with the wisdom of ancient olive groves or with the geometry and harmony of vineyards, all elements that melt harmoniously with the most savage nature.
The paths on the territory are a lot and can be chosen in base of various aspects like time of journey, difficulty and kind of way. The common and shared purpose is to enhance, protect and make available our cultural heritage and our excellences such as the landscape, the territory and the food and wine products linked to it, especially from the tourist point of view, a sector on which Palaia bases its vocation .

It is possible to find the PALAIA TREKKING ROUTES by connecting to the following link:

or you can follow and discover the updates of “PALAIA TREKKING” from the App or from your PC.
With the map and an appropriate dress code, it is recommended to walk with the mind free to fill it with the great spaces that this territory offers.

Have a good walk!



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