The Truffle of Palaia

Truffles can be found almost everywhere in Tuscany, particularly in the Municipality of Palaia.

The Truffle of Palaia is now a source of pride and prestige for its territory.

The climate, soil, vegetation of this part of Tuscany contribute to the presence of one of the most valuable and mysterious foods found in the best restaurants and on the tables of its enthusiasts all around the world: Her Majesty… the Truffle!

Particularly the white truffle, which can be harvested from September to December.

Thanks to a careful and recent study by the University of Pisa, the Tuber Magnatum Pico (the White Truffle) and the Marzuolo Truffle (another type of truffle available from January to April) were recently given official scientific identifications. No other municipality has one.

This gives a vital and unique value to the town of Palaia.